About me…

I’m Roly, a woman in my 30’s from Israel.
I studied behavioral sciences at the Open University, but never had a job related to that field.

My last job was as a graphic designer for a large web site.
In 2007 I had to resign due to health reasons.

I was looking for something that I could do as occupational therapy.
Since I have always loved creating it was clear to me that it was going to be something artistic.

One day my sister took me to a bead shop. It was my first time at such a shop. I saw knitted bead jewelry and something just “clicked”. I had to learn how to knit. I took 2 lessons, bought a lot of supplies and knitted a LOT of jewelry. Since I myself don’t wear any jewelry my sister and mom got almost all of it. I tried to sell the jewelry at a fair but I got only 2 sales, and with that I stopped knitting.

Then I went back to my “old love” – pottery, but since it’s physically demanding it only lasted a few short months.

I started to look for a new hobby and saw many ads for polymer clay classes. At that time I had no idea what polymer clay was.
In 2009 I took lessons for 3 months. During that time and afterwards I practiced a lot at home.
Polymer clay turned out to be very good occupational therapy for me!
I love creating, and soon enough I had a large stock of creations that I didn’t know what to do with. Of course my sister and mom got a lot of my creations and have no more room left.

Then I remembered a long time ago I stumbled on a site with a weird name that is dedicated to selling handmade creations.
I Googled it, and found an Etsy forum in Hebrew.
It took me some time to learn how things work on Etsy and some more time for all the bureaucracy to become a legit business.
On August the 13th (2009) I opened my shop!
I thought I knew everything there is to know about maintaining a shop on Etsy, but every day I find out new things.

I knew Etsy would be time consuming but I had no idea how much time it would REALLY take.
Since I opened the shop I have less time for actually creating new things!

My hope is that one day I can earn my living from selling my own creations.
I love creating with polymer clay for now, and maybe with something else in the future.